Powerful Prayers For Boyfriend

Powerful Prayers For Boyfriend

It is amazing how love for our dear ones can move us to deeply care about their welfare without feeling burdened. Your boyfriend is one such person who you intensely care about; therefore, praying for him and your relationship can never be a task unachievable to you.

Granted that you are willing to petition heaven on his behalf, the words of prayer could demand a bit of extra effort to be formed. For that reason, we have carefully put together these powerful prayers for your boyfriend.

Not only is the wellness of your relationship paramount in our hearts, but your comfort in the place of prayer is also important to us, too.

Relationship Prayers For Your Boyfriend

1: My Heavenly Father, I bless you for the fruitfulness of today and for all the blessings you’ve given me, including my wonderful boyfriend. I bring him before your throne of grace, asking that you protect, guard, and keep him in all his ways. Lord, may Your favor remain his portion even as Your face continually shine on him. Amen.

2: Sweet Lord, You are highly exalted in my life; forever, You are my King. With humility of the heart, I request for the blessing of Your presence in my relationship. I am convinced that whosoever You are with cannot be deprived of Your love and protection. Also, Your presence inspires us to take the right steps in the right direction designed for our relationship. Father, my boyfriend and I wouldn’t want to do without You. Draw nearer to us as we long to have more of You. Amen.

3: Dear Father, I worship You because You are pure in all Your ways. It is my heartfelt desire that You see my boyfriend through in his hustle today. The truth is, his success doesn’t depend on his willingness to work or the amount of effort he puts in. I am assured that once You show him Your mercy, he will experience smoothness in his endeavors, accompanied by fruitfulness. I depend on You, Lord; answer me speedily. Amen.

4: Loving Father, every good gift comes from You, and to me, You have given me a boyfriend after Your heart. As much as my eyes can see, he is intentional in his search for You. I believe that he has a craving for Your righteousness; my spirit perceives so. So, my Lord, satisfy his hunger for You by revealing Yourself to him. Don’t keep him waiting to the point where he starts questioning Your genuineness for I know You are more real than the air we breathe. Amen.

Prayers For Boyfriend

5: Faithful Father, I thank You because You always hear me. It is with that confidence that I come to You, crying out for Your help in my relationship. The conflict threatening the bond I share with my boyfriend is affecting my peace. Honestly, Father, without Your help, I am afraid we would be miserably torn apart from each other. I do not want a messy breakup, please help me. Restore peace to us, and give us reasons to reconcile our differences amicably. Open our eyes to see the goodness in each other; reveal better visions for our relationship. Lead us closer to You so that we will love each other just as You have loved us. Amen.

6: My Redeemer, You called me out of the darkness of hopelessness and gave me a beautiful relationship with my boyfriend. Time is running its course; sometimes it feels as though we are losing touch of the purpose for which we started our walk together. Even worse is the feeling that You have deserted us. In spite of these crazy feelings, You have kept reminding me that You tattooed our names upon Your palm. That is an indication that You’ll never forget us. Revive our relationship again, Lord. Bring us back to the time when we had selfless love for each other, and guide us back to the right path we left. Amen.

Prayers For Your Boyfriend’s Success

1: Lord, those who trust in You are as sure-footed as a mountain goat. Also, they can it be moved from their place of excellence by any circumstances. With that knowledge, I have come to renew my confidence in You to cause my boyfriend to excel in his career. May You sustain him in his workplace, never allowing any arrow of hatred and bitterness against him to prevail. Teach him to trust You in times of challenges, and may the lines keep falling in pleasant places for him. At last, only Your name remains glorified in our lives. Amen.

2: Unless You build a house, Father, it is a useless venture for us. Please, take control of my boyfriend’s handiwork. Prosper him in all his ways, establish his feet, and let Your favor draw customers to his business. Lord, teach him kindness in his dealings with his employees. Quicken his steps to the way of empathy for, and conscientiousness to his clients so that he would never take their patronage for granted. For every loss he has encountered this season, give him a double portion blessing for the trouble. All these I request of You, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

3: Jehovah, Your blessings make rich and do not add sorrow. In addition to that, promotion comes from no other place but from above, with You as the ultimate Lifter of our heads. Lord, at this point in my boyfriend’s life, it is my earnest wish that You flourish him with Your abundant blessings. Raise helpers for his sake, and may they not have rest until they render the much-needed help to him. Promote him beyond his wildest imaginations, and may every demonic force that stagnates him in one position be rendered powerless in his life. Thank you for answered prayers. Amen.

Prayers For Strength For Your Boyfriend

1: Faithful God, I give You thanks because Your loving-kindness endures forever. You have proven to me, time and again, that You are steadfast in Your dealings with Your children, and that is why I have come boldly to ask for Your strength in my boyfriend’s body. May Your life-giving spirit revive every weak area in him. Let Your power take charge of his body, from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. Even though it appears as if he has lost all hopes of ever having his strength back, may it not be the case, Lord. Surprise us with Your supernatural intervention; restore strength to Your servant’s body in no distant time. Amen.

2: Lord, if You keep a record of our irrational behavior and sinful ways, none can ever get an answer to their prayers. But in Your mercy, You’ve taken it upon Yourself to forgive us completely. You knew of my boyfriend’s condition before I started calling on You for help. You have seen how helpless he is now; it will take You to make him whole again. Hasten to his side, Father; give him the strength to rise from his sick bed and upon his feet. Give us a miracle, so that naysayers will become silenced. Amen.

3: I plead with You, my Lord, imploring for Your mercy on my dear boyfriend. Difficulties have dealt shocking blows on him, thereby draining him of the strength for more pushes ahead. Inasmuch as he has been tried in different ways, I don’t want him to accept defeat. Strengthen his heart, renew his resolve to fight on, and empower him to embrace life as a gift. Thank You because I know You’ve answered me. Amen.

Prayers For Boyfriend

Prayers For Your Boyfriend To Be Faithful

1: In You, dear Lord, do I put my trust. You are stronger than the strongest and mightier than the mightiest. Concerning my boyfriend’s extravagant lifestyle, I come before You asking that You give him a change of heart. Help him to be prudent in his spending and faithful in his savings. May he turn from his careless approach to the use of resources, to be accountable for his own good. Finally, teach him Your ways that he would please You all the days of his life. Amen.

2: Everlasting Father, I thank You for Your undying love for me and my boyfriend. You brought us together for a purpose. Given his relocation to a different city, may You remain everything to him. Help him to be faithful in his relationship with me, never to be involved in acts of sexual immorality since we wouldn’t be close to each other as we have been. Direct him to friends who will be a source of encouragement to always do what is pleasant in Your sight. Amen.

3: Jehovah, I have no other God but You. I believe in Your promise that You won’t put me to shame; I claim that in my relationship. You know my boyfriend and I have consecrated our lives for Your use. As much as I need Your strength to stay true to You, also help him to be faithful to You. For in doing Your will, we will enjoy Your blessings and remain in Your protection. Amen.

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