Funny Birthday wishes to myself

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Myself

Often times, you find yourself celebrating and sending birthday wishes to your loved ones. You shower them with sweet messages and gifts on their special days. However, it is very possible to forget yourself. You are also special and it is important that you prioritize yourself on special days. One of the best days to celebrate yourself is on your birthday.

The day that you were born is a special day not only to others but to yourself and you should pamper and appreciate yourself. One of the best ways of appreciating yourself is through birthday messages. You can share the messages on your social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram. These messages might act as a reminder to those who might have forgotten your birthday.

We have set out below some messages that you can use to celebrate your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Myself

1: Today I thank God for another year, another birthday. Happy birthday to me.

2: Yeh, it is my birthday again. Let me put a smile on my face as I celebrate my very special day.

Birthday wishes to myself

3: Happy birthday to me. Looking cooler as I age gracefully.

4: Today it is all about me. Yes, it is my birthday and I will be selfish for just this one day and focus on me. Happy birthday to me.

5: Happy birthday to me, awesome, cool, smart and beautiful. I celebrate me because I am special.

6: I am blessed to be alive today. It is my special day and I celebrate myself and pray for good health and a longer life. Happy birthday to me.

7: I survived another year! Cheers! I am grateful for being alive to celebrate me. Happy birthday to me.

8: I wish myself prosperity, happiness and joy. As I celebrate my birthday, may the day be filled with blessings. Happy birthday to me.

9: There is no better time like now to be alive. As I age gracefully, I am happy to celebrate another year

10: Happy birthday to the most awesome person alive. That happens to be me! As I blow the candles, I am happy for the opportunity of seeing another year.

11: On this day, the most amazing woman was born on earth. Happy birthday to me and cheers!

12: As I turn a year older, and a year wiser, I celebrate the person I am becoming. Happy birthday to me.

13: I have learned so much in the past year, and I celebrate the beginning of a new learning phase. Happy birthday me!

14: As I celebrate my birthday, I pray that all my dreams will come true.

15: Happy birthday to me and many happy returns for the day.

16: I am grateful for an amazing journey and I look forward to better and bigger blessings as I grow a year older. I choose to celebrate myself today. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

Heartfelt birthday wishes to myself

17: As I grow older, I am grateful for the gift of life and the lovely people that I am able to share life with. Happy birthday to me.

18: May my life impact everyone that I come into contact with as I turn a year older and wiser.

Heartfelt birthday wishes to myself

19: I cannot believe I am a year older. It has been a journey which has made me wiser and richer in wisdom and in strength. Happy birthday me.

20: I celebrate life today. I am grateful for another year. I pray for more blessings, favor and good health. May everything that I touch turn to gold. Happy birthday me.

21: Finally it is my birthday. A special person was born today. I am proud of myself and who I have become over the years. I celebrate me today.

22: As I turn a year older, I pray that I achieve all that I have hoped for as I explore new frontiers. I am grateful for my accomplishments.

23: Happy birthday to me. I will love on myself today because I am special. I know this will be my best year.

24: The most special occasion is finally here. The day I was born. I cannot keep still! I am blessed and highly favored.

25: As I turn a year older, I am thankful for the lessons learned and experiences that have made me wiser. Happiest birthday to me.

26: If I had the powers, I would make today a holiday. But it is a holiday for me because it is my most important day. Happiest birthday to me and myself. Cheers!

27: Many years ago, on this day, a legend was born. I celebrate the legend and make merry because it is a special day. Happy birthday to myself.

28: Another year, another opportunity for a fresh beginning. Happiest birthday to me and I look forward to more blessings in the coming years.

29: Dear me, you have been very kind and good to everyone around you. You have worked very hard and supported all your loved ones. You deserve to celebrate yourself on your most special day. Happy birthday me and may all your dreams come true.

Inspirational Birthday wishes to myself

30: As I celebrate my birthday, I am grateful for the amazing family that has showered me with love. Being surrounded by love from special people is the best gift ever. Happy birthday to me. I am blessed.

Inspirational Birthday wishes to myself

31: As I turn a year older, I celebrate the person that I have become. I plan on having super duper day and an amazing year full of fun and adventure. Happy birthday awesome me.

32: A big shout out to the most awesome person I know. I celebrate myself for overcoming the biggest hurdle of my life and coming out stronger. Happiest birthday to me.

33: When I look at the past year, I count myself blessed. I am grateful for all the love I have received from friends and family during a difficult period in my life. Happy birthday to me and to new beginnings.

34: An opportunity to see yet another year is a confirmation to me that my life is full of miracles. I am grateful for the breakthrough and I am giving myself the best gift ever. I will dance the night away. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!

35: Last year was a success. I look forward to bigger and better things this new year. I congratulate myself for the achievements made as I wish me a happy birthday.

36: I am in great health and a good sound of mind. I am making positive strides in my career. I will toast to long life, love, favor and great opportunities. Cheers to me!

37: Hello world. Join me in celebrating the birthday of an awesome human being. I love me and I celebrate me. Cheers world!

38: Today I take stock of my life. I acknowledge there is room for more achievements. I choose to celebrate my successes and milestones as I look forward to bigger challenges to conquer. Let’s do this again next year

39: Today I have the best excuse to dress up and go out, shout and dance because I am alive. Hoorah!

Funny Birthday wishes to myself

Funny Birthday wishes to myself

40: I am related to the purest gem, full of life and love for self and other people. This person reminds me of myself. Well, may be because this is me. Happy birthday person.

41: You haven’t seen a cool cake if you haven’t seen my cake. I am not sharing so don’t come. Just me celebrating me.

42: As I blow the candles, I wish for loads of money then I can easily lay my youthful years to rest safely and enjoy early retirement.

43: I am not older just wiser, cooler and smarter. Wishing me, myself and I a super-duper birthday.

44: I am finally at that age where I am allowed to lie about my age. I welcome me to the golden age club. Happy birthday me and enjoy old age.

45: Happy birthday me. Tonight, I will remind myself of my young self. The young and restless me. Clear the dance floor because here I come ready to paint the town red.

46: Are those my knees buckling. I thought it was the seat belt. But who cares, I am happy to be alive. To more years of knees buckling.

47: I will blow the candles, all of them. If your promise not to count the candles, I might just invite you to share the cake.

48: If I would do it again, I would still choose to be me! I love me and wouldn’t want any other way. Happy birthday me. I love you.

49: Wondering how old I am. You are allowed to guess but please be nice and aim lower. Well, just saying it is my birthday today.

50: I am the fine wine that gets better with age. I am happy to be alive.

Written by Carolyn Steber

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